Enterprise Architecture and Climate Change

By January 11, 2020 Papers
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An Enterprise Architecture for a National Climate Response

By Steven Stackle

Climate change is an undeniable fact for people all over the world. Despite clear evidence, and a growing chorus of voices calling for urgent action, governments across the globe are struggling to come up with definitive and viable plans for handing this potential crisis.

In this new paper by University of Denver University College student, Steven Stackle, the practices of Enterprise Architecture are applied to show how the US government might improve their management of climate data, and uplift their efforts to create a coordinated response to these pressing concerns.

Download Full Report (PDF)


  • Avatar Gerben Wierda says:

    One not often mentioned fact is that IT is a major contributor to energy use. Given that discrete logic is extremely inefficient in the real world, we need lots and lots of it (think: digital machine learning). This issue has not been at the forefront. But it should be.

    Secondly, I wonder if this is going to attract denialist comments. If it does, the key question is not “is man-made climate change real?” but the key question is “if we do not use science to decide that question, what else will we use?”. Climate change denials are akin to flat earth theories in that they need to do away with the scientific method, which includes how the scientific community works. Science is not infallible, but it is without doubt the best method we have in creating predictions.

    • Editor Editor says:

      Gerben, we did receive denialist comments, including on LinkedIn when this article was promoted on the platform. I do struggle to understand such views, but this is somewhat representative of the situation we find ourselves in currently. Thank you for your comment and for reminding us of the value of the scientific method.

      In terms of energy consumption by IT, that’s an interesting topic. Reports vary greatly, so if you have some information to share that you believe is reliable, please do so.

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