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Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

Enterprise Transformation Articles, Case Studies, Book / Conference Reviews, Tips and Interviews with Top Business and Technology Thinkers

In This Issue

This issue of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal brings complementary views from opposite sides of the world, speaking to the evolution and future of the Enterprise and Business Architecture disciplines.

The first article comes to us from Paul Taylor and Inji Wijegunaratne, participants in an industry engagement forum run by the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Entitled “Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Age”, it highlights some historical perspectives on the evolution of the EA discipline, and speaks to how EA must continue to change to provide value in four very different contemporary business models.

The second feature article comes to us from the highly experienced Whynde Kuehn, co-founder of the Business Architecture Guild, expert in Digital Transformation, and author of the recent book Strategy to Reality. In this article, entitled “The Evolution of Business Architecture and the Opportunity for Enterprise Architecture”, Whynde writes about the enormous benefits available to organizations from the appropriate application of both Business and Enterprise Architecture.

We hope you enjoy reading this new edition!

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