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Who needs Data Architecture anyway!

Okay, so it’s a deliberately provocative title, but this came from a conversation I was having with my good friend Andrew Blades in Sydney, Australia. The argument put forward was “If so many companies don’t do Data Architecture and Data Management well, but still keep operating profitably, why do we really need all this Data Architecture stuff anyway?”.

To get an answer to this perplexing question, we enlisted the help of David Wiebe, one of the most experienced data professionals in Australia. Through Andrew’s Architecting for Innovation group on Meetup, I put a series of questions to David, covering topics such as:

  • Why do we need Data Architecture?
  • How does Data Architecture relate to Data Management?
  • How do we increase the chance of success when introducing Data Management?
  • How does this all fit with Data Security?
  • Where are all the Reference Models!
  • What do Enterprise Architects need from Data Architects?
  • and much more.

To view the recording of the session, click here, and leave your thoughts on this topic below.

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