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Using IoT-Blockchain to Improve Food Supply Chain Resiliency

By December 5, 2023Papers

How an IoT – Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Improves Resiliency in the Food & Beverage Industry

by Anuvind Vijayakumar, Arjun Paari Balasenthil, Dmitry Stolbov, Namratha Pujer, Oscar Bjornestad and Rod Dilnutt


Global supply chains are large, complex, and as discovered during the pandemic, often fragile. Innovative technology solutions promise to improve their operation, which is the focus of this paper from students at University of Melbourne. The authors of the paper show how the use of a TOGAF-based approach, an Agile delivery methodology, and an IoT and Blockchain based technological infrastructure, can help with improvements to the Food Supply Chain across the areas of visibility, flexibility, control and collaboration.


The paper has been created under the supervision of Dr Rod Dilnutt, School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.

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