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Thought Leader Interview: Dr. William Turner on the Software-Defined Future of IT Infrastructure

By August 31, 2014December 29th, 2015Articles, Thought Leader Interview

By Iver Band
August, 2014

Dr. William Turner

As the Vice President, Datacenter Architecture at Presidio, William Turner, PhD has more than 20 years of hands-on, full-project-cycle experience in strategizing, designing and deploying large-scale Fortune 500 networks and security solutions. His extensive background in banking, security,
and government has yielded several well regarded industry standards and noted reference models.

Dr. Turner envisions and drives a future in which sophisticated software provisions and de-provisions IT infrastructure automatically in response to business needs. The specialized appliances enterprises traditionally rely upon will be replaced by industry-standard hardware playing necessary roles on demand.

EAPJ conducted this interview from the perspective of an infrastructure architect considering a software-defined future for the networking, hosting and storage underlying a major upcoming application investment.

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