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There are many explanations of Large Language Models like GPT out there. Some go in deep and explain the transformer architecture to you, but that is completely irrelevant for most of us. Many talk about the results, good, bad, or imagined. On 10 October I gave a talk at the EABPM Conference Europe 2023, making clear what ChatGPT and friends actually do — addressing the technology in a non-technical but correct way — and what that means. That presentation fills the gap between the tech and the results. At the end you will understand what these models really do in a practical sense (so not the technical how) when they handle language, see not only how impressive they are, but also how the errors come to be (with a practical example), and what that means what we may expect from this technology in the future.

At the end, one attendee remarked “You made my head explode a bit. Why isn’t this story everywhere?” Luckily, a video registration was made and this is the end result. Presentation, and a single exchange from the Q&A are included.

If — after watching — you think this is a good addition to people’s watch list, pass it on in as many ways as you can, and maybe we’ll have some impact.


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