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Technology Foundation for a Real-Time Distributed Problem-Solving Environment Applied to Crisis and Disaster Scenarios

By October 5, 2014December 29th, 2015Articles

This article was published by Kas Osterbuhr on August 27, 2012 as his Capstone Project for the Master of Applied Science ICT/GIS degree at the University of Denver University College

Disaster and crisis management is a global problem. Scenarios range from short-term localized events to those with widespread impact persisting for years or decades. From personal experience and research in the topic area, there is clearly a need for a technology “platform” that can integrate cross-disciplinary agencies, civilians, contractors, and any other conceivable stakeholder. These stakeholders (including the environment and the public) will benefit immensely from integration and standardization in a problem-solving environment, especially in light of the value of human life. This approach should lead to enhanced preservation of life and safety, reduced environmental impact, and overall improvement in disaster response and mitigation – irrespective of the disaster type or scale.

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