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How TOGAF can address government interoperability

By August 27, 2022Papers

How TOGAF can address government interoperability problems:

A case study of the government of Canada

By Yuxun Ji, Pai Zhang, Changsheng Qiu, Peiyao Li and Dexian Wang



Governments worldwide have found one of the biggest issues in digital transformation is the interoperability, or lack thereof, between systems across various departments. In this paper, students from the University of Melbourne compare four popular EA frameworks in an attempt to determine the best framework for dealing with interoperability issues, particularly those found between government departments. The paper then uses the digital transformation program of the Canadian government as an example of how TOGAF® is the best framework to address these issues.


The paper has been created under the supervision of Dr Rod Dilnutt, School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Download Full Report (PDF)

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