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From the Editor: The Role of Architecture in Enterprise Evolution

By December 25, 2022Articles, From the Editor

Digital Transformation Perth – Meetup group panel discussion
November 2022

There’s no doubt that enterprises are evolving. Some fast, some more conservatively. Different approaches abound, as do the drivers for these changes. One thing that is inherent in all of these variations is the ability for Architecture to play a part in visualising and realising the path ahead.

This was the subject of conversation at a recent Digital Transformation Perth meeting, moderated by JourneyOne CEO Alison Neal, and featuring myself and my fellow panelists, Realising Potential CEO Jackie O’Dowd and JourneyOne CTO Cristian Southall.

The sessions are not currently being streamed, however a transcript was recorded and published in four parts. To see what our panelists had to say about how architects can help your organisation evolve, click on the links below:

Part 1 Why do we need Enterprise Architecture?

Part 2 – Adding Value to Digital Transformation

Part 3 – How is Enterprise Architecture Evolving?

Part 4 – Choose an Architecture Framework

What are your thoughts on Enterprise Evolution, and how architects can help? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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