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From the Editor: Interview with Dave Snowden

By October 28, 2021Articles, Interviews

It seems to me, that #complexity is a complex topic. Being able to determine if that’s true, or to make sense of any situation and find your way to the right decision, can be difficult. In the Cynefin Framework, creator Dave Snowden provides a mechanism by which we can understand where we are in a problem space, and how best to approach a resolution.

It truly is fascinating, and what’s more, it’s ever-present in our daily lives. That’s why I felt so lucky to spend some time with Dave, and my good friend Jackie O’Dowd as we recorded a recent episode for the Australian Transformation & Turnaround Association podcast Talking Transformation.

Despite some tremendous problems with my Zoom connection, I think the conversation, and Dave’s insights into the world of sense-making (and more) were fantastic. If you have some time, check it out here:

Talking Transformation Podcast: Dave Snowden
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