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FEAF and Government Digital Transformation

By September 5, 2020Papers
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How the Federal EA Framework Supports Government Digital Transformation

By Ching-Hong Hsiung, Hsin-Ju Chen, Shu-Wen Tu & Yi-Chieh Ho


Analysis of government digital transformation projects from around the world has shown that technology based transformation alone is insufficient to deliver on the e-government promise of improved efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of public sector services to citizens.

In this paper, students from the University of Melbourne analyse the ACT Government’s Digital Health Strategy 2019-2029, showing how Enterprise Architecture can help address the shortcomings of a technology only approach to digital transformation in government.  The paper examines the suitability of three frameworks: TOGAF™; ZEAF™ and FEAF; and sets out the criteria by which the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) was selected as the preferred framework.  The six references models within FEAF are then examined and applied to the ACT Health strategic plan, showing how EA can help to deliver on the promise of e-government.


The paper has been created under the supervision of Dr Rod Dilnutt, School of Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Download Full Report (PDF)
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