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EA and SOA at the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division

By March 5, 2020Articles, Papers
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Enterprise Architecture and a Service Oriented Approach at the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division

By Will Pacheco

The Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice, like many other organisations whether government or private, has accumulated technical debt and must contend with disparate legacy applications. This increases the complexity and risk of not only the IT environment, but also the day to day procedures and practices of the department. When considering the importance of what this organisation does, and its service to society, ensuring that people can access correct information in a timely manner becomes crucial.

In this paper, University of Denver University College student, Will Pacheco, looks at how the use of Enterprise Architecture, and a service-oriented approach to systems integration and information sharing, can significantly improve the efficiency, reliability and security of the Criminal Division’s technology environment. This, in turn, creates a safer and more cost effective delivery of this essential public service.

Download Full Report (PDF)
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