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EA and Learning in Healthcare

By January 27, 2019Papers
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Using EA to Improve Learning in a Healthcare Organization

By Nancy Randall

It’s a well understood fact that the cost of healthcare delivery has become a significant problem in many developed countries.There are numerous issues causing this, some systemic, some more localised. In this new paper from Nancy Randall, we take a close look at one specific area of unnecessary cost within a large healthcare organisation; eLearning.

The topic of eLearning is one that many organisations have to deal with, and the larger the organization, the more problematic it seems to become. This can manifest in terms of excessive effort, proliferation of solutions and their associated licensing costs, and inconsistency in outcomes. When some of this includes legislative obligations, or care outcomes, the stakes become even higher.

Through this particular lens, the author suggests the use of Enterprise Architecture techniques to understand the problem, evaluate solutions, and make positive change. Use the button below to read more.

Download Full Report (PDF)
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