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An EA Approach to address health interoperability

By October 26, 2020Papers
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An Enterprise Architecture approach to address health interoperability challenges in the United States during COVID-19

By Huan Lu, Wei Wang, Hengze Wang, Danlin Wang and Jiachen Yuan


COVID-19 has caused health services around the world to come under unprecedented pressure and scrutiny as each country tries to deal with the pandemic.  The US health system, while having access to technology and professionals the equal of any country, has been found wanting, due to its competitive rather than co-operative approach, where patient and health data is seen as a competitive advantage rather than a community asset.

In this paper by students from the University of Melbourne, the role of Enterprise Architecture in improving integration of systems and interoperability of data is examined.  Various EA frameworks are examined, with particular focus on the synergies between TOGAF and SOA and their particular focus on data integration and security.



The paper has been created under the supervision of Dr Rod Dilnutt, School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Download Full Report (PDF)
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