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An analysis of Enterprise Architecture Management benefits

By December 18, 2022Articles

Research paper by Jonas Denzel and Jürgen Jung

The benefits that can be achieved through the effective application of Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) have been demonstrated time and again across organisations throughout the world. Despite these successes, very little academic rigour has been applied to determine a definitive list of these benefits, or to quantify them.

The result is an inconsistent set of metrics between orgainsations, and an enormous amount of duplicated effort as EA’s the world over try to determine how best to measure their impact on their organisations, or their success as a business function.

In this paper from Jonas Denzel and Jurgen Jung at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, we see a review of academic and non-academic (practitioner) literature, which successfully identifies a core set of benefits achievable through EAM, and thoughts on how you can achieve them in your organisation.

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