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Call for Submissions and Reviewers


The Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (EAPJ) and EAPJ website welcome contributions in their fields of interest, which are enterprise, business, application, information, integration, technology and security architecture, as well as the strategic management of business and technology transformation. EAPJ publishes material that advances their fields of interest and supports the careers of their readers.

EAPJ combines the strengths of peer-reviewed technical journals and professional news magazines. They invite submission of academic, feature, opinion, and interview articles. The editorial staff also considers images, interactive graphics, video, animations and other work.

Successful submissions contain actionable information that enhances the capabilities of professionals working within the EAPJ fields of interest.

Each EAPJ issue consists of one or more main articles and one or more features, all centered on a theme introduced by the Editor’s Welcome. Main articles are generally no more than 5,000 words in length, with body text interspersed with numerous callouts, graphics or tables. The EAPJ website is less formal, and emphasizes shorter items and news articles.

EAPJ encourages submissions, readership and community participation from qualified individuals representing the widest possible variety of geographical regions, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Authors must properly attribute all referenced content and ensure that their submissions will not infringe upon any copyrights or violate any intellectual property laws if published in EAPJ or on the EAPJ website. Both publications encourage potential authors to contact the editor early on to receive guidance on developing material with the greatest likelihood of publication.

EAPJ also seeks expert reviewers to work with the editor and authors on developing and selecting main articles for the journal.

Please send expressions of interest, submissions, questions, ideas or comments to [email protected]. Potential authors and reviewers should introduce themselves by describing their background briefly, supplying a resume or CV, or referencing an online profile.

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